The Life of a Snake

Jasmine Smith, sophomore political science major, said her biggest obstacle in life has been the absence of her father in her life. “More than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father,” according to National Center for Fathering’s website. Smith wants other women to learn how to forgive those who’ve done them wrong.

The Life of a Snake

Going through life,

I was always the predator—never the prey.

I slithered through life with ease,

Until I felt pain for the first time in 8th grade.

You left us to fend for ourselves.

You disregarded my existence.

The misdoings of others could be shed easily from my body.

But, these parasites you’ve let take my nutrients

And give nothing in return

Have slowly become a part of me.

It’s difficult to shed this layer of skin,

Because for so long you meant so much to me

And now I know you are just a layer that’s stunted my growth.

I’m always reminded that the first man who was supposed to love me

Acted as if I was nothing more than a representation of his fertility.

Because of the detrimental decision you made,

Men have become my prey.

Because of you,

Another man has become my father.

I’m yearning for this shedding process.

I’m seeking to forgive you—

The person who put this venom in me.

I’m preying for rebirth.


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