The Life of a Tree

Jasmine Carter, first-year communication studies major, said one of her biggest obstacles has been not having two parents who love each other. She hopes others will know how to seek love through friendships and personal relationships. Carter said her obstacle has helped her learn to reach out to others and become a stronger person. Her obstacle is being compared to a tree.

The Life of a Tree

Planted was a seed that conveyed I was unworthy;

My roots attempted to anchor me to the ground.

I did not witness marital love,

Nor could I fathom what it meant.

And somehow I absorbed all of the rain,

But there was no sunlight for days.

The elongated stem sprouted from my roots,

And I was forced to stand strong

Because the man I thought would never leave me,

Proved me wrong.

My first encounter with love was the nourishing power of my mother.

She is my stem when I am weak—always there to support me.

I pushed my way through the top and sides of this trunk and branched out.

I wanted to seek more love.

I had an outlet to the world—leaves.

Leaves led me to friends who would fall off,

But others came along to replace them.

Now I have people who show me the meaning of love.

These leaves will turn brown, crumble and fade into thin air,

But until then they will be here for seasons.

My roots showed no clear path,

But what is unclear must be planted,

One seed at a time.


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