The Life of a Weight

Rumbidzai Joyleen Mhizha is a first-year biochemistry major and goes by the name “Joy.” Joy’s from Zimbabwe, and one of her biggest obstacles in life has been “starting a new life all over.”

She stated that Zimbabwe has more restrictions than America. In America, she has the freedom and liberty to do what she wants. “I have gotten into the habit of trying,” she said. “I try different foods and figure out what I like and don’t like.”

Joy said that she has tried pizza, different vegetables and pasta. She also drinks soda sometimes, which she doesn’t get to have in Zimbabwe.

Joy has learned various lessons since being in America. “I learned that despite all cultural and environmental differences between America and Africa, there are some great people in Columbia,” Joy said. “It’s not about what they are, but who they are.”

She would like people to “know that they have someone to talk to when their lives seem bleak or facing challenges they feel like they can do nothing about.”

Her aspirations are to become a doctor and save as many lives as she can. She would also like to start a non-profit for women and continue reaching out and empowering them.

 The Life of a Weight

Coming to Columbia College,

I had unbearable weights on my back,

Oppressing me.

These weights restricted me from freedom.

I had to prepare my body for the impediment ahead,

Starting a new life.

America is the antithesis of Zimbabwe.

Going to this foreign land weighed heavier on me than I thought it would.

With the weight of a new culture, environment, and friends on my shoulders,

I had something to train for.

I began weight training

So my body would be strong enough to endure the journey ahead.

I learned weight training was mostly about my mindset.

Although the weights of life were on my back,

I found the power to lift-up the differences between Africa and America.

I conditioned myself to try new things

And interact with various people.

In this, I made friends

Who share the same values as I do,

And they helped lighten these weights.


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