The Life of a Mountain

Alexa Vega, sophomore writing for print and digital media major, was bullied in elementary school by someone she thought was her friend. Her obstacle is her lack of self-confidence; however, it has grown over the years. “I hope others will understand that having confidence is one of the most important traits to ever have.” She hopes to write a children’s book one day that will make kids laugh because laughing is her favorite thing to do.

Alexa recently started a “blog about fitness and motivation because it’s something I need to be reminded of daily as well.” She wanted to spread something she knew she could relate to. “Having motivation helps to be self-confident.”

Alexa aspires to be a journalist or a coach.


The Life of a Mountain

As an elementary school student,

I had my first encounter with a bully.

Sadly, I considered this bully my friend.

I let you have too much control over this mountain in my life.

You were the harness,

But instead of holding me up,

Like friends do,

You let me down.

This mountain of self-confidence was steep and difficult to climb.

I took one step at a time.

I didn’t realize the importance of these steps until 7th grade.

I ran track and in 8th grade,

I began playing volleyball.

Sports were the ropes I held and still hold tightly.

They gave me a sense of self-confidence.

I would enhance my skills and reach this mountain’s highest level of elevation.

I no longer depend on anyone to be my harness.

Now I have the self-confidence to assist others with their mountain.


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