My name is Melvonia Taylor. I’m a sophomore writing for print and digital media major at Columbia College. I love thinking deeply about different aspects in my life. I enjoy spontaneous adventures to parks, where I photograph my friends. I’m a good listener and I love getting to know new people. I’m an introvert which is why my pen is my messenger. Everything I’ve told you thus far encompasses a part of this blog.


On the blog will be black and white pictures of the interviewees to follow the theme of the site. I will interview women from Columbia College and have them compare an obstacle in their life as a woman to a tangible object, such as an envelope or a banana. I will then turn the interview notes into a poem. Also, I will take a creative photo of the interviewee that will convey what obstacle in the woman’s life is being compared to. I decided to do this because I liked the idea of interviewing different women, but I wanted a way for it to be more than just a synopsis of a woman’s life. I wanted it to be intriguing for the audience and an opportunity to show women they are not alone. I love photography and poetry, so I decided to combine the two. I hope to captivate the hearts and minds of women, writers and photographers. This blog is the platform for unheard voices at Columbia College. This blog is “The Life of a Woman.”


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